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For custom milling our shop rates vary depending on what equipment is employed during the custom manufacture of your product.

We have numerous moulding knives available for most standard profiles. You may choose to provide your own lumber or have us provide it for you in it’s finished form. In many cases the later is the most economical.

If you supply your own raw lumber for machining it must be dry and sized correctly for economical results. In other words if you bring in material which is 1/1/4″ thick for milling into 3/4″ thick a pre- surfacing S4S charge, or resawing fee will apply to pre -dimension it down to 1″ before it is again surfaced to the final dimension. Check with us first to make sure you have your material sized properly.

All lumber must be dry, free and clear of bark, embedded dirt or stones and staples and have clean cut ends. If not a prep fee based on an hourly rate of $50.00/hr will apply in order to prep and clean your lumber before it is further processed into mouldings or planed. If the wood is unacceptably damp or wet, it will be rejected until it is dry enough to machine as this affects surface quality.

On non standard profiles a tooling fee applies to cover the cost of knives and templates.

Standard setup fee … $150.00 for profiles other than S4S.

Lineal cost per ft. on profiles other than S4S … $.50/ft

S4S (planing -square edge) setup fee….$100.00

Cost per ft. on S4S …$.45/ft.

Volume discounts apply if milling more than 1000 lineal ft. Check with us first to confirm eligable discounts.

Tip.  It is advisable that you leave the wood prep up to us to determine what should be cut out or trimmed. All our prepped wood is cut in 3″ increments and you are only billed for the exact tabulated amount which is processed. This will save on unnacceptable wood being milled and billed for.